Love Halal…

                   Serendipity  has brought about the start of this blog, which has always been my dream. And so finally got into the writing field after a lifetime of a writer’s block, a nice new laptop and a few silly cares of the world at bay.

                     As every new blog writer wants the most unusual name for his blog no matter how long or short it runs, I thought and thought and thought until I finally put my brain to some serious work and then it replied… “when writing about halal… why not use an Arabic word”, and so translated the word LOVE to Arabic and got the answer HUBB… So finally thought of the word LOVE HALAL… HUBB HALAL. Oh dear me!!! I do get good ideas sometimes!!!

                   Not so long ago I read a really nice quote on tumblr……

 Halal… is not just about what you eat,
it’s also  about what you wear,
what you love,
                  and what you earn!!!                   

               Maybe this is what inspired me to turn towards the true sense of being halal in life. Just trying bit by bit and trying to inspire others to do the same and turn into a very good ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and please our almighty Allah(swt).




3 thoughts on “Love Halal…

  1. Assalamualaikum…Mabrook…”Hubbhalal” loved it truely😍 n proud of you…May Allah bless in whatever you do…Eagerly waiting to know more of your incredible thoughts..Jazakallahkhair..

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  2. Assalamu Alaikum my dear,
    Welcome to bloggers world.Just read a few of your posts which where very informative Mashaallah! Looking forward to read the rest as well In sha Allah.All the very best 🙂


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