Ramadan is here…

O! You who BELIEVE! 
Observing AS-SAUM (The Fasting)
it was PRESCRIBED for those
BEFORE YOU, that you may become
— Al-Baqarah 2:183


moon, dark, night, sky

                  These verses of the holy Quran elicit a feeling of piety among the vast majority of Muslims spanning the planet. Ramadan is that month of the year when the Muslim  households are engaged in a series of clichéd activities, where the women of the household are busy stocking up the edible necessities for the delectable iftar platter, and the men of course are weighing their pockets, and scribbling accounts keeping in view the shopping spree that is to come.

                      But sadly though, my precious brothers and sisters in faith, Ramadan is neither a month for gobbling down those mouth-watering sheekh kebabs and biryani nor is it a month for the extravaganza you are hoarding currency for. It is a blessed month of reappraising our relationship with our creator Allah(swt). It is a revered month of engaging in some significant amount of good deeds that are to intercede for us on the day of judgement.

                      We might have all passed through numerous holy months of Ramadan in our lifetimes, hoping to do something good but ending up on the same old somewhat evil track. But some old fellow rightly said “Hope is the poor man’s bread”, so surely lets hope once again to try to be good servants of Ar-Raahman and indulge in good deeds that make us proud of our faith, and keep us at an arm’s length from the temptations Satan has to offer us.

                          It’s just not sufficient to continue with our goody good selves for a single month of the year, but the real challenge lies in trying to continue with this goodness for our entire life.Lets try to stop all our bad deeds, avoid back-biting, stop listening to music, put an end to earning illegal wealth(usury) and other, start respecting your grey haired parents, learn the meaning of the verses of the holy Quran and try to act as per it, put an end to illegal relationships lest you want to end up in hell with your illegal partner, increase your giving to the needy(Zakat especially), and the most important of all learn to offer Salat on time and in your senses by putting the worries of the world at rest. Just imagine the day when the Prophet(pbuh) calls out for us “My Ummah” and we shall walk behind him proud and tall, and so transform yourself before it’s too late, for it’s a single word of repentance that changes lives…

Let not SATAN seduce you,
in the same manner
as he got your PARENTS out of PARADISE…
—Quran 7:27 


2 thoughts on “Ramadan is here…

  1. It is not fair that when people look at Muslims in their community, they are also judging the other 1 billion Muslims around the world. It is not fair that when one Muslim commits a despicable act, people of other faiths see or suspect the same behavior exists in all Muslims. It is not fair, but it is the way of the modern world at present. I am not Muslim, but I was married to a Muslim for many years, fasted with him during Ramadan and was careful to follow the strictures for behavior. Kuwait and Morocco and northern India have been my home bases at different periods of my life, and I have called dozens and dozens of Muslims “friend” and “family”. And they, in their turn, treated me with tolerance and love. Such a gift. I appreciate this blog because you are serious about taking your beliefs even into the unseen areas of your life. That is a rare kind of devotion.

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