Benefits of Ramadan Fasting

                        The holy month of Ramadan was prescribed to humanity as to overcome or rather control our temptations— of food, thoughts, physical desires and evil deeds. Allah(swt) never burdens his servants more than their souls can bear. Ramadan is a time to fast and abstain from food and all worldly desires. Inclusive of all the spiritual significance of the month, fasting in Ramadan also has a numerous benefits for the physical well-being. So lets count on the health benefits of fasting just in case we need to add some fuel to our determination so as not to miss a fast.

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                         As stereotyped as this may sound, fasting for a whole month does surely does aid in some serious weight loss, if we spare our tummies a really generous iftar meal. Go easy on the iftar platter— avoid the oily fritters and spring rolls, include some succulent fruits in there and you are sure to lose some amount of weight.

                      Heard of that already ya?!!! Well dear! being insulin resistant at some point in our lives has become an unwanted privilege of Homo sapiens. When our body has a steady supply of heavy carbs and sugary food stuff, it goes insulin resistant and by fasting the body or rather specifically the pancreas up our insulin sensitivity thus sparing us of a host of killer diseases.

                    After a nice long fast(specially the London ones—20hr fast) we have nothing much left in our tiny tummies and it is at this point of time when the body starts burning into the fat deposits to provide fuel for our physical activities. Thus lower the fat lower are our cholesterol levels, saving us from cardiovascular problems of the future. And fasting does specifically attack the bad cholesterol in our blood without effecting the levels of healthy cholesterol.

                      During the period of fasting we spare our digestive system the tedious process of digestion, and so to provide us energy when it does start burning the harmful fat it also concentrates on flushing out the toxins stored in these fat deposits. Our liver and kidneys come together and detoxify our body from within during a fast.

                        I have read sometime ago that a research conducted in some part of the world has found out that fasting prompts the stem cells to produce brand new white blood cells(the fighter cells) in our body which help ward off infections, thereby revitalizing our immune system. Fasting also helps in an increase in t-cells which are really helpful for cancer patients.

                      For sure Allah(swt) hides little packets of goodness in everything he prescribes us. We fast for him, but we benefit from the fast ourselves. Thus sweet sisters and brothers in faith, lets make most of this blessed month spiritually and physiologically. Make lots of dua, forgive those who have wronged you and seek forgiveness from Allah(swt) and perform lots of good deeds— that shall strengthen your akhirah.



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