Make dua for the Ummah.

We are almost through the first half of Ramadan, a mere 15 days left before Eid and I felt like posting something  that every Muslim should contemplate on. Yesterday I saw an article on google, rather you might all have seen it. Twentieth of June is what the calendar marks as the World Refugee Day. I believe half of the refugees—  or as a matter of fact, a considerable size are from our faith of Islam. Just to name  few— Palestinians, Syrians, Rohingyas(Burmese Muslims) are the prominent face of Muslim refugees. This article is not about refugees. It is rather about us— what we can do to help the people we share something in common with— we share the same religion and beliefs, or rather we share humanity with them.

The only thing you can do to help a person far away from us, is to make dua for him. Oh! yes you can also contribute a significant amount of Zakat for the refugees. through some genuine organisations out there. Besides that it is only dua that helps. The Prophet(pbuh) described dua as “the essence of religion”. Its Ramadan dear friends so make the most of the month. Lets make lots and lots of dua for our troubled brothers and sisters in Islam.

red, poppies, fields, war, peace

There was this heart-wrenching message I read on a social site— “The people of Syria now pray six salats a day— Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Magreeb, Isha and Janaaza salat(Funeral prayers). :-(. How sad and heart-breaking life can be sometimes.

We love to eat what the Prophet(pbuh) ate,
because it is sunnah.
But do we love to cry for the ummah,
as our beloved Prophet(pbuh) cried???.

Let me keep it simple. Islam is not just about perfect salats, saums or reciting the holy Quran. At a secondary level Islam is also about caring for others. Remember all those suffering out there in your precious duas. Make dua for the day when all our Muslim brothers and sisters shall be safe and sound in their homes just like us. Make dua for the newly-orphaned kids in those war-torn countries. Make dua for the poor parents who lost their children. Make dua for those who lost their loved ones— spouses, siblings, guardians or even their neighbours. In short make dua for the Ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). Dua has the power to change anything, because in the eyes of Allah(swt) nothing is impossible.


4 thoughts on “Make dua for the Ummah.

  1. Do you know what’s sad? That people aren’t really bothered because many of them do not know of the situation in those countries. We really need to create awareness of the reality.

    Oh, and i’m glad to have stumbled on your blog page. Feels nice to have someone share the same thoughts. 🙂

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