Testing times…

Human nature is so predictable in times of pain or sorrow. The moment something goes awry, we start to whine and throw tantrums on our loved ones, or at a more intimate level we start throwing tantrums at our creator. That is all the more, an easy thing to do— as you know Allah(swt) cannot slap you right away. I have ascertained the fact that, we humans do not thank our Lord for the good in our lives as often as we huff out our anger at him. Then, are we really thanking him for the pleasurable things in life???.


In life, we sometimes want certain things to happen so desperately, and when our plans turn out in the opposite direction, we humans are like— “what wrong did I do— it didn’t go my way?”. What if our conscience speaks —  “For all the things you are blessed with, in life— what good did you do, to achieve them?”. Does not guilt overcome the feeling of anger?. Are we really so good that Allah gave us such pleasurable lives? Allhamdullilah!!!. Then how can we be angry at him?. How silly and petty are our cries and complains compared to what our Muslim brothers and sisters in the war-torn countries are faced with.

Even at the lower kindergarten level a kid needs to go through an examination to reach the upper kindergarten level. This is but life— and tests are inevitable. These are the tests that shall determine our position in jannah. Let us not allow our emaan to dwindle with every trivial or harsh test of  life. Uphold your trust and maintain firm conviction that Allah shall never let you down. Have faith that the Almighty’s plans are way better than your’s. It’s hard at times to reassure yourself— but believe me, it’s worth the challenge. A challenge to think what you want to, a challenge to mould your thoughts as per your wish, a challenge to let not your  faith in Allah plummet at any cost. Always do remember…

Allah gives the hardest battles,
to his strongest soldiers…



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