Updating the blog…

Asalamualikum… dear readers!. I feel nervous as hell  so excited typing this post 😀 . I’ll go straight to the point.  Alright, so I have lately been thinking of updating my blog (so soon 😉 ). So you might all have seen a change in the theme. I’ll soon update the categories also In sha Allah. Well as everything is being updated so I decided to update the name of my blog as well. I am such a fickle-minded person 😦 .


I have decided to broaden the scope of my writing. I shall not limit it to the ‘halal’ tag. As I am interested in learning about a variety of things in life, excluding mathematics, so I have decided to name my blog – “The Inquisitive Mind”. I will still be posting any important and interesting facts about food and beauty products. In addition I shall post about anything knowledgeable and worth sharing with my readers. I shall choose random topics of importance in the spheres of ‘Deen and Duniya’ (Theology and World).

It took me a lot of time, to come up with this name. 💡 💡 I will keep the same domain, till my fickle-mind gets the better of me and I decide to change the domain also. Oh! Yes, I also have created a Facebook page for the blog, please do like it. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Updating the blog…

  1. That’s a great name mashaallah . And it is really good to broaden the scope . Keep it up . Now we will inshaallah have more to enjoy 🙂


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