Go with the flow

A boat, beneath a sunny sky
Lingering onward dreamily
In an evening of July…

Ever drifting down the stream
Lingering in the golden gleam
Life, what is it but a dream?
~~~ Lewis Carroll


Life is really but a dream. Sometimes  a fantasy and at other times a nightmare. Can we ever have control over what we dream?. Maybe not!. Similarly we have no control over this beautiful dream called Life. As human beings we tend to plan, re-plan, scheme and operate on a series of thoughts and ideas to achieve what we desire for. But there is always a master planner — the omnipresent Lord of the worlds. His plans are far greater and of an impeccable status. Alas! the only regret is we often tend to brood over what could have been, or what should have been, thereby dwindling our faith in Allah(swt).

Worrying and fretting about impending events is an intrinsic factor of human behavior. But trying to change the flow of life as per our wish, is nothing but foolishness. There are times when we wish certain things to happen as per our planner’s list of things to be done. But nothing goes the right way. There comes a time when we struggle for things to be done the way we want. We pray to Allah(swt), we put the best effort, and try to be patient. But the results do not match our expectations. Then comes the crucial decision of accepting reality. When you have done everything you could do, then trust Allah. He will certainly do his part.

Go with the flow of life. Everything happens for a reason. If you try to go against the flow of life — challenging the omnipresent force, you will be left tried, breathless and trying to sail your boat in a direction where the force of water will leave your little boat topsy-turvy. What you resist always persists. If you place your trust in Allah(swt), surely he will help you sail through the darkest of storms. That faith in Allah is an anchor for the ship of life. Once you resolve to put the toughest decisions of your life in the hands of Allah, you will surely find inner peace. Because trust in your creator can never make life go awry. He is ever ready to listen to you. You just need to call him out. Do you know?

Allah is closer to you
than your jugular vein…
Quran (50:16)

But but, learning to go with the flow of life, does not mean to set a sail in a boat with holes drilled in it, declaring Allah is with me. That is stupidity. First do what you can, by putting the best possible effort. Finally leave the result to Allah(swt). Hope for the best. For Allah always knows and gives what is best for you. There is a wonderful hadith about putting your trust in Allah.

One day Prophet Muhammad(pbuh),
noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel
without tying it, and he asked the Bedouin,
“Why don’t you tie down your camel?”.
The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah”.
The Prophet(pbuh) said, “Tie your camel first,
then put your trust in Allah”.

So trust Allah, plan your journey, choose a strong enough vessel and set sail for this voyage of life. Let go of your fears and worries. That is when you learn to accept the decisions of the Lord. Remember…

They plan and Allah plans,
And Allah is the best of planners…
Quran 8:30


3 thoughts on “Go with the flow

      • Life is really complicated when we try to take it in our hands, but no matter what we do, things will go according to Allah’s will. And I believe almost every Muslim believes this but we ignore it. Sometimes we ignore it intentionally and at other times, we feel that like doing nothing and just having a strong belief will open doors for us. We also need to learn that things will best go if we develop a strong belief in Allah’s will, trust him, follow his path, and work hard for everything we need.

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