When I grow up by Sundus Iraq

The Book: When I grow up (A preschooler’s daydreams)

Author: Sundus Iraq

Illustrator: Sundus Iraq

Publisher: Prolance


So this e-book of “When I grow up”, has been in my inbox since a few days. I could not really find the time to open it. And finally when I did open it – “Awww! I fell in love this adorable book”. How lucky are the Muslim kids of the present, they have really delightful Islamic books to read, unlike our days where we read English rhymes of Jack n Jill, and Hot cross buns.

“When I grow up”, is a book written in a very appealing way. It describes the dreams and aspirations of a preschooler. The author Sundus Iraq herself being a mother of six pretty children has a very good insight into the working of a child’s mind. Thus she starts from the very basic thoughts of a preschooler, like trying to reach out for the cup in the cupboard and wanting to drink from a glass cup and not the plastic one. :-P. These ideas and dreams follow on swiftly expressing the ambitions of the preschooler.

At one point the kid yearns to be a traffic police, on the other instance, she yearns to be a pediatrician. It reminds me of my childhood where I yearned to be a psychiatrist when I grew up. The best thing about this book is that the author has provided an Arabic translation of the English version. It helps kids to develop their dual linguistic skills from a very young age.

The next beautiful thing is the book’s illustrations and color scheme. The author Sundus Iraq is multi-talented and had herself illustrated the book. The colors chosen are bright and are sure to appeal a child’s eye. All in all, this book is a brilliantly written one. Go get a copy for your kids, they are sure to love it.

The book is available at Prolance  and Amazon.

A sneak peek into the fun book. Look at the aspiring astronaut.There are many other interesting dreams of a kid, illustrated with such cuteness.


Rating: 5/5

Thank you for reading!





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