Meal Planning kit by Muslimah Healthy

Ebook: Free Meal Planning kit

Author: Chelsea of Muslimah Healthy

Cost: FREE


This is my first health-related book review. After reading this ebook, I pity myself for having eaten the wrong foods for this long. This is a 28 paged ebook which comes along with a sample meal plan and a healthy foods list. A simple, apt and to the point meal planning kit, which helps one to better understand the whole picture of what healthy eating is really about.

The author of this E- Meal planning kit, Chelsea, is herself a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist. Being a healthy eater herself, she gives the best of advice on how to plan for a meal that is whole, enjoyable and healthy. After reading this ebook, I have very well understood the importance of various nutrients and the part they play in maintaining the body’s health. And of-course in what proportion these nutrients are needed by our body.

This meal planning kit is written in the most comprehensible language. One can understand the science behind all the micro and macro-nutrients in one easy go. Often we mess up between our carbs, proteins and lipids. But this book makes it very clear to what all one should include in a healthy diet. Along with a precise but complete description of the important nutrients to be involved in a better meal planning session, the author also provides a sample meal plan. One can get a good idea of what food items a healthy meal should consist of.

Included in this e-meal planning kit is a healthy food’s list. A complete catalog distinguishing various nutrient-rich foods, and the recommended servings for females. I am really impressed by this list, as it helps me know more about the nutrient category of my staple food and how much should I consume for a healthy diet. So ladies, this Meal planning kit is a must. It is available free of cost. Do download it  here. And get into the habit of healthy eating, knowing more about what you eat and how much is really required by your body.

Get your free e-copy of  Free Meal Planning Kit and Healthy foods list.

Thank you for reading.


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