Now and Then…

                   I remembered a nice quote of Albert Einstein—”The monotony and solitude of a quite life stimulates the creative mind”. That’s exactly what happened with me and hence I transcribed this post. Looking back and contemplating over the years of my life, I realized how certain things or rather some significant incidents in life refined and reshaped my choices. Just reflecting on a few of my preferences I was amazed as to how they have altered. Having such a supportive hubby has made the ride of life a worthwhile one

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Things that changed:
               First of all being married taught me to be less of a self-obsessed person. I learnt to put the wishes and likes of others before mine. I left my lazy caterpillar cocoon, and started working for real (home-making). Learnt to cook and clean— a change I am myself astonished at. I can now cook some really nice Indian delicacies that even my granny cannot :-P. I am still in the process of shedding my introvert skin, but that’s my innate ability to feel lonely in a group of people.

              This is a real deal of a change— I no longer like Disney princesses, or for that matter Disney movies or stuff have stopped exciting me. I am growing old I feel. I giggle at the fact that if I leave my window open for Peter Pan I might instead be welcoming a burglar. And I believe there is no Never-land, and no fairy God-mothers out to help the righteous. There is only a war-land on this planet and pitiable Syrian refugees I see on the high streets of London. Disney you misled me as a kid!!!.

             I have learnt to stop squandering money on useless stuff. At one point of time I would irk my parents until they gave up into my demands. Now life has taught me to think about the less fortunate before I throw tantrums to Allah(swt) in my prayers. Next, I have stopped doing random searches on Dr. Google and diagnosing myself with maladies.

             Albeit I still have a soft-spot for soft toys but that’s withering away gradually. I have stopped complaining about my food— because I am the one who cooks, ergo I cannot be complaining about such a great chef there :lol:.

Things that remain unchanged:
              Updating every detail of my day to my dear parents (even if the neighborhood cat pays a visit to my backyard). Bugging off hubby dearest with all minute details of the day lest I end up in a tummy ache if I do not update something to him. I still stare at my collar-bones to see if I have grown fat over night. My love for books is one true love of my life— the only change is I have started loathing Chetan Bhagat’s books, and as maturity is getting in my blood Khaled Hosseini’s books interest me more. Talking to Allah behind closed doors! has till remained the same. Mashallah he is my best friend. Fretting and getting anxious for stupid things has increased all the more. 😆

                  That’s my now and then list. Oh! Ya my awe of the Egyptian pyramids remains the same. Hmm… Once in a while it is good to reflect on the changes your life has taken and pat your shoulder for the positive ones :-).



16 thoughts on “Now and Then…

  1. I kept smiling all through the post! This post is so me! I have changed so much after getting married. At times, I want to go back being myself. But that means I will have to be a little selfish again and put myself first. But thats not happening anytime, so yeah!
    And I totally stare at my collar bones too in the mirror! Haha uncanny!
    I love Khaled Hossaini too! You should give Bina Shah’s Slum child and Nafisa Haji’s Writing on my forehead a read too! These both are amazing books!

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