Shapes of Eid according to me – A Review

Book: The shapes of Eid according to me

Author: Samia Khan

Illustrated by: Maria Ahmed

Publishers:  Prolance


It is not Eid anytime now, but the book I am going to review today is all about the Eid day from the eyes of a kid. Eid is such a special occasion in the Muslim household. This day is filled with all sorts of appealing colors, fragrances, food and shapes. In this book ‘Shapes of Eid according to me’ the narrator— a little girl, describes the many beautiful shapes associated with the day of Eid. From the five-pointed stars to the crescent moon, from the zig-zag curves of the henna to the oval shaped almonds on the Eid dessert, the little girl describes the various shapes her eyes see on the day of Eid.

The author Samia Khan has done a beautiful job. As she draws her inspiration from her little daughter, she very well  knows the different objects to be described, that exemplify the different shapes for kids to learn. Written in a rhythmic manner, the book will be loved by kids. I loved the part where the girl speaks of her having triangle shaped samosas at her aunt’s house. In addition to teaching kids about the different shapes, the author also very subtly describes the various customs followed by the Muslim households on the day of Eid — applying henna with cousins, meeting uncles and aunts and exchanging gifts.

Not to forget the awesome illustrations by Maria Ahmed, they are the cherry on the top for this beautifully written book. The illustrator has very creatively used her work to add soul to the written words. The best illustration from my personal point of view is the one where the mother and daughter bend in Sujood in the mosque. I think such illustrations unknowingly inspire kids  to learn and perform good deeds the as they see the characters of the book do so.

I am totally in awe of this book — a modest, decent and wonderfully written and illustrated book for kids. This book is leaning and enjoyment both at the same time. I would highly recommend this one to all the Muslim parents out there.

Grab your copy from Prolance or Amazon.


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