Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants- A review

Book: Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Bina Damodar

Publishers: Prolance


The children’s book of Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants, gives me the feel of going back to old times when I was a kid and loved reading Aesop’s Fables. I owe much of the morality I learnt during childhood to these fables. This book about the Elephant Fritz is of a similar genre, where animals talk, feel and fight for their rights, teaching the bad one a lesson at the end.

The story of  Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants, is as obvious, about an angry Elephant and tiny ants that teach him a lesson. The book starts with a wonderful rhyming poem, and I loved it. Sometimes it feels quite nice and refreshing to read kid’s books and watch cartoons.

The author Nayera Salam has written the book in a very artistic way, with rhyme, rhythm and a moral at the end. I personally beleive the book has an ambiguous end. The story is that of how the big Elephant threatens the tiny ants and how the ants teach him a lesson. The book is sure to teach children two or more morals — no matter your size or age self-respect is a must, and through unity one can overcome and defeat even the biggest of enemies, and finally anger or arrogance will lead to a fall.

The illustrations by Bina Damodar are nice and apt, with lots of colors and minute details. This book is sure to teach and help children in their stages of character building. Reading such books with a message imbibed in them, helps children in developing righteous qualities from a very young age.

You can get a copy of the book form Amazon or from the author’s site.

Rating 5/5

A sneak peek page of the book!

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