Reading the right texts!

-Good books like good friends, are free and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable.-.png

Reading books is a favorite hobby of many people both young and old. Reading provides relaxation, especially reading novels and other such literary genres that are particularly meant for the purpose of leisure. But not all reading is good for the mind, body and soul. Reading books filled with obscene language has a bad effect on the mind and also strains our relationship with Allah(SWT), as indulging in anything indecent is not permissible in Islam.

The extent of obscenity in literary works can be seen in the way in which every random book targeted towards the youth is as a matter of fact filled with filthy language. Have being a student of English Literature, I have come across and read many fictional literary texts of the old school authors that are really decent and modest in nature. But this does not seem to be the case in the present scenario related to fictional reading. The way in which characters and their deeds are tangled and set into complex plots with pots full of unchaste elucidations makes it really disturbing.

Well! as Muslims we are obliged to stay away from things that can taint our character or pollute our thoughts. The Prophet (PBUH) always stressed on the importance of staying away from indecency. It applies to our choice of books as well. Reading books of an unchaste nature leads to a host of evils that follow.

It is not how many books we read that define our character or intellect, rather it is what quality books we prefer that determines our ethical standards.

Here is a short reflection written by me for the Muslimah Bloggers website—Good Reads! Choosing quality over quantity elaborating on the need for choosing good books and the drawbacks of reading filthy literature. Please do read it and also spread the word to those involved in reading such books to avoid them.


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