The Rainbow Hijab- A Review

Book: The Raibow Hijab

Author: Amran Abdi

Illustrator: Nicola Davies


Hijab is an essential part of a Muslimah’s wardrobe. In today’s world it has definitely become a controversial piece of cloth :lol:. Well! In this blog post I am going to review the book “The Rainbow Hijab”, by Amran Abdi.

“The Rainbow Hijab” is a intelligibly written children’s book. The book is about young Ameera who loves her rainbow colored hijab. She loses it and feels sad.After a thourough search she finds it in the most unexpected place, with someone who equally loves the rainbow hijab.

The illustrations by Nicola Davis, are very beautiful — bright and elegant to be precise. Little Muslimahs are sure to love this book. Kids love imitating the deeds of the characters they read about, and so they might start loving the idea of being Hijabis from a young age.

Get a copy for your little daughter. This book will make a good read for kids of the age 3-5. The book is available to buy from here for U.S based purchases and from amazon for U.K based ones


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