A Cat And Mouse Pact – A Review

Book: A Cat And Mouse Pact

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Teresa Abboud

Publishers: Prolance

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Author Nayera Salam is back with yet another wonderful and interesting short story for the little ones — ‘A Cat And Mouse Pact’. A fable with a simple yet much needed moral for the society that we exist in today. The plot deals with a pact made between ‘Matt’ the orange tabby cat and ‘Millie’ the little grey mouse.

‘Matt’ the orange tabby lives in Mrs. Krouse’s old brick house, and when he sees ‘Millie’ the little grey mouse slinking through the kitchen with a piece of leftover cheese, ‘Matt’ seems unsure of whether to attack ‘Millie’ or let her go. He patiently listens to what Millie has to say and finally they make a pact. 🙂


The author Nayera Salam has to her credit thirty years of teaching experience. And this is what reflects in the way she compiles her books, with a choice of language and vocabulary that is pretty intelligible to her young audiences. As with all of her books including this one start with a cute little poem to keep young readers engaged.

The illustrations by Teresa Abboud are equally appealing, as she tends to concentrate on the minute details, keeping in mind the curiosity of kids. With the use of appropriate colors Teresa Abboud produces striking illustrations of Matt, Millie and the old brick house.

The author and the illustrator both have done an equally wonderful job providing kids with a bedtime story with a noble message in it — Resolve issues peacefully. Besides I am of the opinion that the book somewhere also subtly teaches kids to be kind to the weak and helpless ones when in power.

A good book for kids of all religions to instill healthy moral values in them from a  rather tender age.

A treat for your little artist the book also includes at the end a coloring page of ‘Matt’ and ‘Millie’. 

The book is available at Kids books by Nayera at the moment and soon will also be available on amazon.

A sneak peek page.

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