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Nominated for another award long back, finally got the time to transcribe a post about it. This post is all about the Blogger Recognition Award, for which I have been nominated by Shaz of Sure Scribbles . Shaz is such a creative blogger — She writes so very artistically  and also does click extremely beautiful pictures of nature. Getting to the point, let me first point out the rules of the award.


The Rules

•Writing a  post related to the award.
•Thanking the person who nominated you for this award and providing a link to their blog.
•Providing a brief description as to how you blog came into being.
•Giving a couple of advice to new bloggers.
•Nominating 15 other bloggers for the award.

So here I go…
Thanks a lot to Shaz of Sure Scribbles. Shaz is a very welcoming blogger buddy, who is always supportive of new bloggers. She has a tremendous amount of talent in writing poetry. She writes such heart-touching poems. Shaz is also one great photographer who loves clicking stills of mother nature. Do check out her blog at Sure Scribbles. You will love her blog.

The story of my Blog…
Well, I always had a keen interest of writing. I usually scribbled my thoughts on paper, in note-books and diaries. Until one fine day when hubby brought a new laptop, I started my blog. Initially the blog was named “Hubbhalal”, which should actually have been “Hubb-e-halal”, which means love for halal. At first I wrote all about Halal food and beauty products. Then gradually I began to expand my scope, and then changed my blog’s name to “The Inquisitive Mind”— a mind curious to learn new things. So that’s how this blog came into existence. Thanks to WordPress for making my dream come true. The blogging journey has been a wonderful one with lots of new things to learn and making new blogging friends.

My advice to new bloggers:
♥ Basically, blogging is a passion. The more you write the more you fuel your passion. A truly inspirational quote by a Greek philosopher was what really brought me into this world of blogging.

If you wish to be a writer, write.

So the more you write, the more you hone your skill of writing. Don’t just wait for inspiration to click. Go with the flow, write a bit daily.

♥ So my next advice to new bloggers is, especially for those who wish to make blogging a profession is to put up your blog on social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram do help a lot in bringing viewers to your blog. Be consistent in posting stuff. It takes time to grow, so be gentle on yourself and the blog.

My Nominees are:

  1.  A Messy World
  2. I’m Here Right Here
  3. Romina’s Little Corner
  4. The Revert Miyabhai
  5. 1 New Leaf
  6. Scottish Muslimah
  7. Muslimah Misunderstood
  8. Words of a Ramadan Addict
  9. Breezy is good
  10. The Modest Muslimah
  11. Troublesome Thirties
  12. Between sisters, SVP
  13. HayaatFatemah
  14. Domestic Diva
  15. Qolamii

Thank you for reading 🙂


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