Tales from the Treasure Chest – A Review

I love reading and reviewing books. I do actually read adult literature but rarely review it. Most of my reviews include children’s literature. Today I shall review a nice book, which is suited for the genre of middle grade fiction. I really enjoyed reading this book and am awed at the abundance of literary choice for the youth of today. Especially I see a rise in Islamic fiction that aims at improving both the knowledge of the deen (religion) and duniya (world). So let’s get started.

Name: Tales from the Treasure Chest

Author: Ayesha Marfani

Illustrator: Maryam Ayub

Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing USA


As most of the books I have reviewed were for children under 10, this particular book is suitable for children up-to the age of 14. A decent book with an Islamic spirit, it has three tales to narrate.

The first story titled ‘Exhortation Valley’,  is the tale of fraternal twins Sara and Saima, the former being the prettier and the latter being the brainy one. Yet as human nature has it, the yearning to be the better one, leads the twins to an exhortation valley making them realize the importance of being proud of oneself without envying what others have.

Next comes the tale “Face of the Subrogated World”. A story which emphasizes on the importance of ambiance in the process of narration. This particular story also throws light on the frequent disagreements between parents and children. Parents and kids exchange places for a day and what ensues is a huge chaos that leads the young reader to an underlying message, that no job is easy as it sounds, neither the job of being a parent nor that of being a kid.

Finally comes the story of the wild child Abdul Jalil who had a passion to do anything and everything. And in the process of proving wrong his father’s taunt of “He will never amount to anything… nothing at all…”, Abdul Jalil sets out on an adventurous journey to carve an identity for himself, but ends up being corrupt. But finally life teaches him the truth that “Being Human is Being Everything”, which is aptly the title of the tale.

On the whole this book is a pleasurable read. The book is also decorated with beautiful illustrations by Maryam Ayub, keeping in accordance with the essence of Islam. The author Ayesha Marfani  has done a remarkable job, touching on topics that are relevant to the age of the reader. All in all it will be a great read for young readers. Books such as these also have the quality to improve the vocabulary of the younger generation, while giving them an enjoyable time.

Do grab your copy from Amazon.