History repeats itself

“Antisemitism”— was a word familiarized by Adolf Hitler during the World War II. To be put in simple words an antisemite is a person who has an irrational fear of Jews. A keen study of the World War II makes us better understand the words — genocide, exodus, evacuation, gas-chambers and other related holocaust jargon. I once laid my hands on Hitler’s autobiography “Mein Kempf” but could not get to complete it due to the amount of negativity and hatred filled in the pages. An analysis of Hitler’s religious views reveal the fact that he was born to Catholic parents and later on in life he moulded his religious views and beliefs as per his political needs and ambitions. This malleable stance of Hitler towards religion may indeed be a reason for his sadistic behavior.


What was Hitler really famous for? The blatant answer to this infamous question is his absurd dislike of Jews. He despised them mainly due to his view that Germany was to be occupied only by the superior ‘Aryan race’, to which the Jews did not belong. His hostility led to the killing of nearly 6 million Jews by various means and methods, the infamous one being the Gas chamber method where thousand of Jews were poisoned to death by inhaling the deadly carbon monoxide gas. Well! the rest is well documented history. The World War ended and Hitler committed suicide before being captured by the Russian army.

However throughout this antisemite fight of Hitler, many Jews were saved and fled as refugees to nearby European countries and to the United States, where they still have a very firm holding. And apparently the ‘State of Israel’ was formed in 1948 — a place preeminently occupied by Jews. They did finally carve out their ‘Promised Land’. A very basic knowledge of Abrahamic religions does explain the promise of God to the Children of Israel that they shall have a land of their own.

Hitler has perished, and has left for us to remember a dark chapter in the history of humanity, that no soul would like to see being repeated.

Is not history repeating itself by the exodus of the Rohingya Muslims???. Genocide and mass slaughter of Muslims by Buddhist monks who want an ethnic cleansing of their land is all over the media. History does stand proof that the Rohingyas were indigenous to the Rakhine state in Myanmar since the eighth century. It was their land, their home and dwelling for centuries. But the hard-core monks of the land want them out. Blood, tears, corpses and smoke have engulfed the state of Rakhine. Neither the government intervenes nor do the world powers speak out against the cruelty.

The plight of the Rohingyas is frightful, with women and children dying at sea as no country wants to provide refuge to them. The world keeps mum as hundreds and thousands of Burmese Muslims are massacred. The pain of displacement and the feeling of being unwanted mixed together has made the life of the Rohingya Muslims a tragic tale. They are stateless people, with no country in the world accepting them as citizens. They have no promised land to look out for.

When an ignorant fool of a Muslim makes a terror attack Islam is branded as a religion of terror. When the Islamophobic monks of Burma slaughter Muslims on a mass level the world keeps quiet. The paradox is that Burma is headed by the democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was awarded the Nobel prize for peace. And she does nothing to maintain peace in her own land despite bearing severe criticism she chooses to maintain her silence.

The notorious monk spreading hatred and hostility through his speeches, Ashin Wirathu lives a life of ease and justifies his hatred of Muslims through his own perspective. Every religion teaches compassion. Maybe Hitler was not much of a saintly person and that led to his cruel and horrid behavior towards Jews. What is wrong with monks???. Monks are people who have disowned worldly pleasures for the sake of religion and humanity. Is killing innocent beings a part of religious obedience?

The problem lies with us Muslims, we are a disunited ummah. Neither of us has the strength enough to stand up for our weaker brothers and sisters. The one’s powerful enough to stop the injustice are in no way interested in helping. Be it Burma, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia or Palestine we all are brothers and sisters through the progeny of Adam and Eve. Make dua for our Muslim brothers and sisters in distress. The internet is full of sad tales and pictures of the displaced Rohingyas. The pain of losing a family, land and identity is heart-breaking and a traumatic experience. May Allah(SWT) hear the duas of the repressed Muslims. May our high-powered fellow Muslims wake up from their deep slumber of ignorance. May they come forward to take up the responsibility of protecting the less privileged.Make dua that the ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), come together as one strong entity to fight against the injustice. We are all but one, putting aside our race, color, nationality, ethinicity and wealth. May Allah(swt) prevent another chapter of genocide from being written in the history of humanity.

“When Muslims are disunited, they would falter in their Emaan,
And would be bereft of their inherent strength”.
Uthman ibn Affan



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