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As- salamu-alaikum( Peace be upon you)  and welcome to my little blog— a place where I transcribe my reflections on life, and share useful info about Islam and it way of life.

I always had Khaled Hosseini and Khalil Gibran as my inspirations in the field of fictional writing, but couldn’t really produce any great works of imagination. Writing has been my passion since childhood. And then when I was so crazy about being a writer of fictional stories, I completely shrugged off my dream of becoming a writer from my list of wishes I was about to present to my creator on my pilgrimage to Mecca with my dearest hubby— that was when the idea dawned upon me that I was not made for writing fiction but rather to write down facts. This blog is my dream come true.

I am a female Muslim blogger in my 20s.

My country of origin is India, country of residence is England.

Marital status— married to a lovely person without whom life seems unimaginable.

Education— I hold a bachelor’s degree in English literature, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. In the process of completing my masters in English Literature In sha Allah(if Allah wills).

Hobbies— reading, writing and thinking about anything and everything.

Best reads— “And the mountains echoed” by Khaled Hosseini. 🙂

Weird obsession— Diagnosing innocent people with horrible maladies in consultation with Dr. Google. 😆

Would love to visit Egypt, sometime in my life for sure.

I have an exquisite bucket list of dreams to achieve InshaAllah (if Allah wills).

A cordial thanks for visiting my teeny-weeny blog.

Read on to know more about me.

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  “Jazak-Allah Khayran”



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