Tales from the Treasure Chest – A Review

I love reading and reviewing books. I do actually read adult literature but rarely review it. Most of my reviews include children’s literature. Today I shall review a nice book, which is suited for the genre of middle grade fiction. I really enjoyed reading this book and am awed at the abundance of literary choice for the youth of today. Especially I see a rise in Islamic fiction that aims at improving both the knowledge of the deen (religion) and duniya (world). So let’s get started.

Name: Tales from the Treasure Chest

Author: Ayesha Marfani

Illustrator: Maryam Ayub

Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing USA Continue reading


A Cat And Mouse Pact – A Review

Book: A Cat And Mouse Pact

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Teresa Abboud

Publishers: Prolance

Front Cover.jpg

Author Nayera Salam is back with yet another wonderful and interesting short story for the little ones — ‘A Cat And Mouse Pact’. A fable with a simple yet much needed moral for the society that we exist in today. The plot deals with a pact made between ‘Matt’ the orange tabby cat and ‘Millie’ the little grey mouse.

‘Matt’ the orange tabby lives in Mrs. Krouse’s old brick house, and when he sees ‘Millie’ the little grey mouse slinking through the kitchen with a piece of leftover cheese, ‘Matt’ seems unsure of whether to attack ‘Millie’ or let her go. He patiently listens to what Millie has to say and finally they make a pact. 🙂 Continue reading

The Rainbow Hijab- A Review

Book: The Raibow Hijab

Author: Amran Abdi

Illustrator: Nicola Davies


Hijab is an essential part of a Muslimah’s wardrobe. In today’s world it has definitely become a controversial piece of cloth :lol:. Well! In this blog post I am going to review the book “The Rainbow Hijab”, by Amran Abdi.

“The Rainbow Hijab” is a intelligibly written children’s book. The book is about young Ameera who loves her rainbow colored hijab. She loses it and feels sad.After a thourough search she finds it in the most unexpected place, with someone who equally loves the rainbow hijab. Continue reading

7th Heaven Face Mask Review


This is my first review of a skincare product.I have chosen to review a coconut face mask. On a random visit to the Boots store, I came across face masks from the 7th Heaven brand, formerly known as Montagne Jeunesse. As I had previously listed the brand in my blog post about halal skincare brands, I felt obliged to try them myself. I picked up the Creamy Coconut Face mask. I am now completely in love with their products.

What instantly attracted me to this mask was it’s claim of being suitable for dry and dull skin. I suffer from extreme dry skin especially during the harsh winters. The biggest benefit of the Seventh Heaven brand is that they are free from animal byproducts. You can see in the above picture the product is “Leaping bunny certified” and “Vegetarian society approved”.  Continue reading

Go Away Bad Mood – A Review

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Elsa Estrada

Publisher: Prolance

Go Away Bad Mood Cover with Medal 2.png

Back Cover with Border.png

Today I am going to review another of a children’s book by Prolance Publishers— Go Away Bad Mood written by Nayera Salam. A must read for kids with bad and grumpy moods :lol:. The book is about an imaginary, personified creature called ‘Bad Mood’. who tries to wreck havoc on the happiness and enjoyment of all living beings he visits.

Firstly this bad guy named ‘Bad Mood’ tries to spoil the fun of a jolly group of kids, and then moves on to annoy the little squirrels and birds he meets on his way, only to be resisted by all of them. So he gets kicked down a hole, where he meets a fairy that casts a spell on him, turning him into a good guy. Continue reading

Nightly news with Safa – A Review

Book: Nightly News with Safa

Author: Helal Musleh

Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Publishers: Prolance


Nightly news with Safa is a book about a bubbly and perky school going girl. The little girl Safa comes back home from school only to see her mother engrossed in watching the daily news. Little Safa is quite irked by the daily news channel often showing serious, sad and angry news. So she comes up with an idea and transforms her own bedroom into a newsroom and telecasts her own nightly news to her mother. The news of all that happened during the day at school. Continue reading

Shapes of Eid according to me – A Review

Book: The shapes of Eid according to me

Author: Samia Khan

Illustrated by: Maria Ahmed

Publishers:  Prolance


It is not Eid anytime now, but the book I am going to review today is all about the Eid day from the eyes of a kid. Eid is such a special occasion in the Muslim household. This day is filled with all sorts of appealing colors, fragrances, food and shapes. In this book ‘Shapes of Eid according to me’ the narrator— a little girl, describes the many beautiful shapes associated with the day of Eid. From the five-pointed stars to the crescent moon, from the zig-zag curves of the henna to the oval shaped almonds on the Eid dessert, the little girl describes the various shapes her eyes see on the day of Eid.

The author Samia Khan has done a beautiful job. As she draws her inspiration from her little daughter, she very well  knows the different objects to be described, that exemplify the different shapes for kids to learn. Written in a rhythmic manner, the book will be loved by kids. I loved the part where the girl speaks of her having triangle shaped samosas at her aunt’s house. In addition to teaching kids about the different shapes, the author also very subtly describes the various customs followed by the Muslim households on the day of Eid — applying henna with cousins, meeting uncles and aunts and exchanging gifts.

Not to forget the awesome illustrations by Maria Ahmed, they are the cherry on the top for this beautifully written book. The illustrator has very creatively used her work to add soul to the written words. The best illustration from my personal point of view is the one where the mother and daughter bend in Sujood in the mosque. I think such illustrations unknowingly inspire kids  to learn and perform good deeds the as they see the characters of the book do so.

I am totally in awe of this book — a modest, decent and wonderfully written and illustrated book for kids. This book is leaning and enjoyment both at the same time. I would highly recommend this one to all the Muslim parents out there.

Grab your copy from Prolance or Amazon.

Naiya in nature – A review

Book: Naiya in nature

Author: Shazia Latif

Illustrator: Palalee

Publishers: Prolance

Naiya in Nature Cover with medal.png

Its a routine Thursday morning and Naiya wakes up to the usual hubbub of a busy day. Moving on Naiya feels the loudness in the school bus, in the classroom and back home is all the more louder. Naiya escapes far from the busy crowds of the world, into the realms of nature to perform ‘Yoga’ — a practice which helps her relax and brings back a smile on her face.

The book Naiya in nature is in short a beginner’s guide to yoga. The little girl Naiya helps the readers in learning seven easy beginner poses of yoga. The author of the book, Shazia Latif is an elementary school teacher in South California. She loves to escape to the seaside and perform yoga asanas, that help her relax and bring back a smile on her face. The serenity that yoga brings, is what the author tries to teach the little readers through the character of Naiya.

Naiya in this book teaches little yoga learners, seven basic and important yoga poses. Every yoga pose is aptly describes with the instructions of how one can perform it. The beauty of the book lies in the illustrations of Palalee. Palalee, the illustrator of this book is from Thailand, and art is her passion. This passionate love of art helps Palalee bring out such pretty drawings, as she has illustrated in the book of Naiya in Nature.

For those looking to calm their hyperactive kids, and those wanting to introduce yoga to their little ones, this book is a must read. A simple and comprehensible guide to yoga for beginners.

The best of yoga surely lies in performing Salat, and that brings out a harmony between the mind, body and the soul.

You can purchase copies of the book on amazon or from naiya books.


Thank you for reading!!!

Meal Planning kit by Muslimah Healthy

Ebook: Free Meal Planning kit

Author: Chelsea of Muslimah Healthy

Cost: FREE


This is my first health-related book review. After reading this ebook, I pity myself for having eaten the wrong foods for this long. This is a 28 paged ebook which comes along with a sample meal plan and a healthy foods list. A simple, apt and to the point meal planning kit, which helps one to better understand the whole picture of what healthy eating is really about.

The author of this E- Meal planning kit, Chelsea, is herself a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist. Being a healthy eater herself, she gives the best of advice on how to plan for a meal that is whole, enjoyable and healthy. After reading this ebook, I have very well understood the importance of various nutrients and the part they play in maintaining the body’s health. And of-course in what proportion these nutrients are needed by our body.

This meal planning kit is written in the most comprehensible language. One can understand the science behind all the micro and macro-nutrients in one easy go. Often we mess up between our carbs, proteins and lipids. But this book makes it very clear to what all one should include in a healthy diet. Along with a precise but complete description of the important nutrients to be involved in a better meal planning session, the author also provides a sample meal plan. One can get a good idea of what food items a healthy meal should consist of.

Included in this e-meal planning kit is a healthy food’s list. A complete catalog distinguishing various nutrient-rich foods, and the recommended servings for females. I am really impressed by this list, as it helps me know more about the nutrient category of my staple food and how much should I consume for a healthy diet. So ladies, this Meal planning kit is a must. It is available free of cost. Do download it  here. And get into the habit of healthy eating, knowing more about what you eat and how much is really required by your body.

Get your free e-copy of  Free Meal Planning Kit and Healthy foods list.

Thank you for reading.

When I grow up by Sundus Iraq

The Book: When I grow up (A preschooler’s daydreams)

Author: Sundus Iraq

Illustrator: Sundus Iraq

Publisher: Prolance


So this e-book of “When I grow up”, has been in my inbox since a few days. I could not really find the time to open it. And finally when I did open it – “Awww! I fell in love this adorable book”. How lucky are the Muslim kids of the present, they have really delightful Islamic books to read, unlike our days where we read English rhymes of Jack n Jill, and Hot cross buns.

“When I grow up”, is a book written in a very appealing way. It describes the dreams and aspirations of a preschooler. The author Sundus Iraq herself being a mother of six pretty children has a very good insight into the working of a child’s mind. Thus she starts from the very basic thoughts of a preschooler, like trying to reach out for the cup in the cupboard and wanting to drink from a glass cup and not the plastic one. :-P. These ideas and dreams follow on swiftly expressing the ambitions of the preschooler.

At one point the kid yearns to be a traffic police, on the other instance, she yearns to be a pediatrician. It reminds me of my childhood where I yearned to be a psychiatrist when I grew up. The best thing about this book is that the author has provided an Arabic translation of the English version. It helps kids to develop their dual linguistic skills from a very young age.

The next beautiful thing is the book’s illustrations and color scheme. The author Sundus Iraq is multi-talented and had herself illustrated the book. The colors chosen are bright and are sure to appeal a child’s eye. All in all, this book is a brilliantly written one. Go get a copy for your kids, they are sure to love it.

The book is available at Prolance  and Amazon.

A sneak peek into the fun book. Look at the aspiring astronaut.There are many other interesting dreams of a kid, illustrated with such cuteness.


Rating: 5/5

Thank you for reading!