Alhamdullilah for series – A review

Whoever among you wakes up (in the morning)
safe in his property, tranquil in his heart,
healthy in his body, and has his daily nourishment,
it is as if all of this world has been chosen for him.
                                        — Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

A thought-provoking quote by the most pious soul to have ever lived. In this world of wars, enmity, falsehood, lies and deceit, having the basic necessities of life fulfilled should be nevertheless considered as a blessing from Allah(SWT). Remembering, accepting and counting every blessing Allah (SWT) has bestowed on us, only teaches us to be more thankful for all we have in our lives that many others only yearn for.

I volunteered to review this journal, as I found it way to awesome to resist. The journal “Alhamdullilah for series” (A Muslim’s mini gratitude journal), is a product of the website Ayeina. The website is run by two very artistic sisters from whose names the portmanteau word ‘Ayeina’ is derived. If your mother tongue is urdu, then you will know for sure what ‘Ayeina’ means — A mirror. And that is exactly what the motto of the website is “Believer is the believer’s mirror”. Continue reading

Go Away Bad Mood – A Review

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Elsa Estrada

Publisher: Prolance

Go Away Bad Mood Cover with Medal 2.png

Back Cover with Border.png

Today I am going to review another of a children’s book by Prolance Publishers— Go Away Bad Mood written by Nayera Salam. A must read for kids with bad and grumpy moods :lol:. The book is about an imaginary, personified creature called ‘Bad Mood’. who tries to wreck havoc on the happiness and enjoyment of all living beings he visits.

Firstly this bad guy named ‘Bad Mood’ tries to spoil the fun of a jolly group of kids, and then moves on to annoy the little squirrels and birds he meets on his way, only to be resisted by all of them. So he gets kicked down a hole, where he meets a fairy that casts a spell on him, turning him into a good guy. Continue reading

Three days three quotes challenge

Day #3

Finally day #3 of the challenge. A final thanks to dearest Shaz of Sure Scribbles for having nominated me.

A brief description of how to take up the quotes challenge.

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As for today, I have chosen a quote from a book called Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I have read only bits and pieces of the book, a long time ago, however I do have a plan to complete the book this winter. I can always remember the first lines of this novel — “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderely again”.

If only there could be an invention that bottled up a memory, like scent. And it never faded and it never got stale. And then when one wanted it the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment al.png

I really adore this quote. For one simple reason, that I am a nostalgic person. How wonderful it would have been if there was really such an invention that helped one relive those beautiful memories lost in the ruins of time. And how equally nice it would have been if there was an invention that helped one forget those bad memories stuffed up in a tiny corner of the brain, and come to haunt you at the best possible chance.

Finally my three nominees for today are.


Ahmad Saiz

The Revert Miyabhai

I beleive everyone has a busy life. So it is completely up to the nominee to take up the challenge. All the best if you take it up.

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Three days three quotes challenge

Day #2

It’s my second day of the challenge. Thanks again to Shaz of Sure Scribbles for having nominated me.

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Well, my quote for day #2 is by one of my many favorite poets, Robert Frost. A simple quote that summarizes life in 3 simple words.

In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life- it goes on.png

Ain’t that the truth? Life goes on! It doesn’t wait for any one —be it a king or a pauper.

As for the nominees. These are my three nominees for today.

The Roguish Muslimah

Being Hijabi


I know a lot of us are quite busy. So it is up to the nominee to take up the challenge. All the best.

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Three days three quotes challenge

I have been nominated for for the three days three quotes challenge by Shaz of Sure Scribbles. A big thanks to Shaz for nominating me. Do check out her beautiful blog.

Coming to the challenge, let me just write down a simple description about what the challenge is all about.

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As simple as that 🙂

So my favorite quote for today is.

This quote is by the most exemplary man to have walked the earth. My dear Prophet (PBUH). This quote reminds me of all the bad I am capable of, before complaining about others.


As for my nominees, for day #1 my nominees are.

1NewLeaf blog

A Messy World blog

Troublesome Thirties blog

I know a lot of us are quite busy. So it is up to the nominee to take up the challenge. All the best.

Thank you for reading!!! ♥♥♥


Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants- A review

Book: Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Bina Damodar

Publishers: Prolance


The children’s book of Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants, gives me the feel of going back to old times when I was a kid and loved reading Aesop’s Fables. I owe much of the morality I learnt during childhood to these fables. This book about the Elephant Fritz is of a similar genre, where animals talk, feel and fight for their rights, teaching the bad one a lesson at the end.

The story of  Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants, is as obvious, about an angry Elephant and tiny ants that teach him a lesson. The book starts with a wonderful rhyming poem, and I loved it. Sometimes it feels quite nice and refreshing to read kid’s books and watch cartoons. Continue reading

Nightly news with Safa – A Review

Book: Nightly News with Safa

Author: Helal Musleh

Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Publishers: Prolance


Nightly news with Safa is a book about a bubbly and perky school going girl. The little girl Safa comes back home from school only to see her mother engrossed in watching the daily news. Little Safa is quite irked by the daily news channel often showing serious, sad and angry news. So she comes up with an idea and transforms her own bedroom into a newsroom and telecasts her own nightly news to her mother. The news of all that happened during the day at school. Continue reading

Shapes of Eid according to me – A Review

Book: The shapes of Eid according to me

Author: Samia Khan

Illustrated by: Maria Ahmed

Publishers:  Prolance


It is not Eid anytime now, but the book I am going to review today is all about the Eid day from the eyes of a kid. Eid is such a special occasion in the Muslim household. This day is filled with all sorts of appealing colors, fragrances, food and shapes. In this book ‘Shapes of Eid according to me’ the narrator— a little girl, describes the many beautiful shapes associated with the day of Eid. From the five-pointed stars to the crescent moon, from the zig-zag curves of the henna to the oval shaped almonds on the Eid dessert, the little girl describes the various shapes her eyes see on the day of Eid.

The author Samia Khan has done a beautiful job. As she draws her inspiration from her little daughter, she very well  knows the different objects to be described, that exemplify the different shapes for kids to learn. Written in a rhythmic manner, the book will be loved by kids. I loved the part where the girl speaks of her having triangle shaped samosas at her aunt’s house. In addition to teaching kids about the different shapes, the author also very subtly describes the various customs followed by the Muslim households on the day of Eid — applying henna with cousins, meeting uncles and aunts and exchanging gifts.

Not to forget the awesome illustrations by Maria Ahmed, they are the cherry on the top for this beautifully written book. The illustrator has very creatively used her work to add soul to the written words. The best illustration from my personal point of view is the one where the mother and daughter bend in Sujood in the mosque. I think such illustrations unknowingly inspire kids  to learn and perform good deeds the as they see the characters of the book do so.

I am totally in awe of this book — a modest, decent and wonderfully written and illustrated book for kids. This book is leaning and enjoyment both at the same time. I would highly recommend this one to all the Muslim parents out there.

Grab your copy from Prolance or Amazon.

Naiya in nature – A review

Book: Naiya in nature

Author: Shazia Latif

Illustrator: Palalee

Publishers: Prolance

Naiya in Nature Cover with medal.png

Its a routine Thursday morning and Naiya wakes up to the usual hubbub of a busy day. Moving on Naiya feels the loudness in the school bus, in the classroom and back home is all the more louder. Naiya escapes far from the busy crowds of the world, into the realms of nature to perform ‘Yoga’ — a practice which helps her relax and brings back a smile on her face.

The book Naiya in nature is in short a beginner’s guide to yoga. The little girl Naiya helps the readers in learning seven easy beginner poses of yoga. The author of the book, Shazia Latif is an elementary school teacher in South California. She loves to escape to the seaside and perform yoga asanas, that help her relax and bring back a smile on her face. The serenity that yoga brings, is what the author tries to teach the little readers through the character of Naiya.

Naiya in this book teaches little yoga learners, seven basic and important yoga poses. Every yoga pose is aptly describes with the instructions of how one can perform it. The beauty of the book lies in the illustrations of Palalee. Palalee, the illustrator of this book is from Thailand, and art is her passion. This passionate love of art helps Palalee bring out such pretty drawings, as she has illustrated in the book of Naiya in Nature.

For those looking to calm their hyperactive kids, and those wanting to introduce yoga to their little ones, this book is a must read. A simple and comprehensible guide to yoga for beginners.

The best of yoga surely lies in performing Salat, and that brings out a harmony between the mind, body and the soul.

You can purchase copies of the book on amazon or from naiya books.


Thank you for reading!!!

Now and Then…

                   I remembered a nice quote of Albert Einstein—”The monotony and solitude of a quite life stimulates the creative mind”. That’s exactly what happened with me and hence I transcribed this post. Looking back and contemplating over the years of my life, I realized how certain things or rather some significant incidents in life refined and reshaped my choices. Just reflecting on a few of my preferences I was amazed as to how they have altered. Having such a supportive hubby has made the ride of life a worthwhile one

technology, time, clocks, vintage, dirty, steel, glass, wood, table, desk, bokeh, still

Things that changed:
               First of all being married taught me to be less of a self-obsessed person. I learnt to put the wishes and likes of others before mine. I left my lazy caterpillar cocoon, and started working for real (home-making). Learnt to cook and clean— a change I am myself astonished at. I can now cook some really nice Indian delicacies that even my granny cannot :-P. I am still in the process of shedding my introvert skin, but that’s my innate ability to feel lonely in a group of people.

              This is a real deal of a change— I no longer like Disney princesses, or for that matter Disney movies or stuff have stopped exciting me. I am growing old I feel. I giggle at the fact that if I leave my window open for Peter Pan I might instead be welcoming a burglar. And I believe there is no Never-land, and no fairy God-mothers out to help the righteous. There is only a war-land on this planet and pitiable Syrian refugees I see on the high streets of London. Disney you misled me as a kid!!!.

             I have learnt to stop squandering money on useless stuff. At one point of time I would irk my parents until they gave up into my demands. Now life has taught me to think about the less fortunate before I throw tantrums to Allah(swt) in my prayers. Next, I have stopped doing random searches on Dr. Google and diagnosing myself with maladies.

             Albeit I still have a soft-spot for soft toys but that’s withering away gradually. I have stopped complaining about my food— because I am the one who cooks, ergo I cannot be complaining about such a great chef there :lol:.

Things that remain unchanged:
              Updating every detail of my day to my dear parents (even if the neighborhood cat pays a visit to my backyard). Bugging off hubby dearest with all minute details of the day lest I end up in a tummy ache if I do not update something to him. I still stare at my collar-bones to see if I have grown fat over night. My love for books is one true love of my life— the only change is I have started loathing Chetan Bhagat’s books, and as maturity is getting in my blood Khaled Hosseini’s books interest me more. Talking to Allah behind closed doors! has till remained the same. Mashallah he is my best friend. Fretting and getting anxious for stupid things has increased all the more. 😆

                  That’s my now and then list. Oh! Ya my awe of the Egyptian pyramids remains the same. Hmm… Once in a while it is good to reflect on the changes your life has taken and pat your shoulder for the positive ones :-).