A Cat And Mouse Pact – A Review

Book: A Cat And Mouse Pact

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Teresa Abboud

Publishers: Prolance

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Author Nayera Salam is back with yet another wonderful and interesting short story for the little ones — ‘A Cat And Mouse Pact’. A fable with a simple yet much needed moral for the society that we exist in today. The plot deals with a pact made between ‘Matt’ the orange tabby cat and ‘Millie’ the little grey mouse.

‘Matt’ the orange tabby lives in Mrs. Krouse’s old brick house, and when he sees ‘Millie’ the little grey mouse slinking through the kitchen with a piece of leftover cheese, ‘Matt’ seems unsure of whether to attack ‘Millie’ or let her go. He patiently listens to what Millie has to say and finally they make a pact. 🙂 Continue reading


The Rainbow Hijab- A Review

Book: The Raibow Hijab

Author: Amran Abdi

Illustrator: Nicola Davies


Hijab is an essential part of a Muslimah’s wardrobe. In today’s world it has definitely become a controversial piece of cloth :lol:. Well! In this blog post I am going to review the book “The Rainbow Hijab”, by Amran Abdi.

“The Rainbow Hijab” is a intelligibly written children’s book. The book is about young Ameera who loves her rainbow colored hijab. She loses it and feels sad.After a thourough search she finds it in the most unexpected place, with someone who equally loves the rainbow hijab. Continue reading

Go Away Bad Mood – A Review

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Elsa Estrada

Publisher: Prolance

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Today I am going to review another of a children’s book by Prolance Publishers— Go Away Bad Mood written by Nayera Salam. A must read for kids with bad and grumpy moods :lol:. The book is about an imaginary, personified creature called ‘Bad Mood’. who tries to wreck havoc on the happiness and enjoyment of all living beings he visits.

Firstly this bad guy named ‘Bad Mood’ tries to spoil the fun of a jolly group of kids, and then moves on to annoy the little squirrels and birds he meets on his way, only to be resisted by all of them. So he gets kicked down a hole, where he meets a fairy that casts a spell on him, turning him into a good guy. Continue reading

Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants- A review

Book: Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants

Author: Nayera Salam

Illustrator: Bina Damodar

Publishers: Prolance


The children’s book of Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants, gives me the feel of going back to old times when I was a kid and loved reading Aesop’s Fables. I owe much of the morality I learnt during childhood to these fables. This book about the Elephant Fritz is of a similar genre, where animals talk, feel and fight for their rights, teaching the bad one a lesson at the end.

The story of  Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants, is as obvious, about an angry Elephant and tiny ants that teach him a lesson. The book starts with a wonderful rhyming poem, and I loved it. Sometimes it feels quite nice and refreshing to read kid’s books and watch cartoons. Continue reading

Nightly news with Safa – A Review

Book: Nightly News with Safa

Author: Helal Musleh

Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Publishers: Prolance


Nightly news with Safa is a book about a bubbly and perky school going girl. The little girl Safa comes back home from school only to see her mother engrossed in watching the daily news. Little Safa is quite irked by the daily news channel often showing serious, sad and angry news. So she comes up with an idea and transforms her own bedroom into a newsroom and telecasts her own nightly news to her mother. The news of all that happened during the day at school. Continue reading

The One – A Review

The Book: The One

Author: Manaal Jafrey Razaaque

Illustrator: Tanya Emelyanova

Published by: Prolance


The One is a book written keeping in mind the Muslim kids of the present era. A beautifully written book, that teaches children about the many attributes of The One – Allah (swt). The book should take a place of pride on the next list of gifts for your little one.

The author of the book, Manaal has done a fantastic job. As she herself is a mother of two little girls who love their bedtime stories, she has attempted to create this book with a simplicity through which one can teach the kids about the greatness of the omnipresent Lord of the worlds. As an experienced mother, the author has used simple yet apt words that help kids in a better understanding about their creator. Written in a rhyme form, the book is sure be enjoyed by children.

One of the best features of the book is that it gradually goes in a defined pattern, teaching the kids one by one about the greatness of Allah(swt). In the end the book also teaches kids that even during tough times Allah(swt) stands with us. This point is sure to strengthen the faith of kids that whether the times are easy or tough one has to put his trust in Allah.

The author has also used various attributes of Allah (swt) in the rhyming stanzas, wherein their Arabic names and their meanings are provided in the end. It introduces kids to nearly 18 names of Allah (swt). Once the kids read and understand the book, they are sure to learn a lot about the greatness of Allah(swt).

Coming to the illustrations, Tanya has done a fantastic job. She has brought out the essence of everything written, through her beautiful art. The illustrations are quite cute, to be frank. Children are surely going to enjoy them. All the illustrations are quite appropriate to the text and also to the cognitive level of kids.

My final word is this book is a must in every Muslim kid’s book collection. Kids are sure to enjoy reading the book. The book is written as per the level of apprehension of kids of a very young age. On a very basic level, the book will help the younger generation to strengthen their faith in Allah, and will instill in them a love for Islam.

It is a fair deal. Kids get to read a bedtime book at night. The story is about the one who created the day and the night. This book is a fun read, helping kids in developing a keen interest in Islam. So go grab a copy for your little ones.

A sneek peek page. The whole book is a delight for kids I bet.


The book is available here.

Rating 5/5

Thank you for reading.