Vegan high-street beauty brands

So this post has been in my drafts, sleeping cozily since a few weeks, until I finally decided to publish it. When going to Hajj last year, I decided to discard all the products that gave me a red signal of being haram. Most of my products contained just carmine. I was totally saved from pork fat, as I used only L’Oreal and Maybelline, and these brands are pork-fat free, Allhamdullilah!. But alas, even these top-notch brands are not under the halal or vegan list. So with the help of a few buddies, I did some research on the easily affordable and available drugstore and high-street brands of cosmetics. I have complied it in the list below.Blackbird.pngB for Beautiful by Superdrug:
Superdrug B brand is one awesome brand. It is both affordable and really does do the job. A friend of mine swears by their B.Flawless foundation. I have personally used their lip glosses and was pretty impressed by their quality and price. As the brand is owned by Superdrug, it is obvious to be found only in their stores. The brand proudly states on each of their product that they are both vegetarian and vegan.

Barry M cosmetics:
This brand has a soft-spot in my heart, because their’s were the first vegetarian cosmetics I ever happened to use . I still own different shades of their lipsticks. Their satin super-slick lipsticks are my all time favorite. This range offers the most sophisticated colors I say. And then there’s the awesome Barry M Blink Precision Eyeliner. I love it, and it has got into my list of indispensable products. Barry M cosmetics can be found in Superdrug and Boots.

A classic budget brand, Sleek makeup is available in most of the high-street drugstores. I have never used any of their products, but my buddies have gone gaga over their matte lipstick range. I have also heard (from friends) good reviews about their face make-up range. Sleek is against animal-cruelty and they do also have many products suitable for vegans. A complete list of their vegan products can be found on the vegan taff website.

Collection Cosmetics:
This brand formerly known as Collection 2000 is a modest high-street brand. A friend of mine suggested trying the highlighter from collection. I went for the pearl sheen highlighter, and was quite impressed by the quality of the product and also the perfect pricing. Most of their products are suitable for vegetarians and there are others that are also suitable for vegans. There is a complete list of the products classified as per their suitability. Check the list here.

Rosie for Autograph:
This brand is exclusive to Marks & Spencer. Firstly M&S have their very own range of makeup products under the brand name Autograph. Rosie for autograph is a makeup collection from Rosie Huntington Whiteley. This sub brand of Autograph is also exclusive to M&S. I just randomly browsed through the online catalog and found most of the products to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The good news is they are also free from alcohol. Thanks to the beauty credentials of the supermodel. You can browse through their products here.

Urban Decay:
This is one famous makeup brand with the best of shades in every category. I have personally never used them. However, through my online research I found out that this brand is a cruelty-free and vegan certified brand. What more! No more checking of the ingredients for animal bi-products. Urban decay is easily available online. Oh! Yes I have even seen a counter of Urban Decay makeup in Debenhams.

Too Faced:
Next comes the high-spirited brand of Too faced. This brand is completely against animal cruelty. They also have a long list of products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Even their make-up brushes are against animal cruelty ūüėÜ .They have an online shop, or you can purchase too faced products from amazon and for sure some branches of Debenhams also have too-faced counters.
Find out more about animal bi-product free cosmetics here.

Models Own it:
Another cute high-street brand¬†‚ÄĒ simple, easily available and affordable. They are a NO NO to animal testing, as the website bluntly states‚ÄĒ We do not test our products or ingredients on animals. End of story. ūüėÜ . I found this quite funny. And the best part it the website gives a complete list of ingredients below the product name. There is also a [V] sign beside every product suitable for vegans. You can find the list here.

Lottie London:
This one’s a rather new brand, and the company website states that the company is cruelty-free and their brushes are vegan. Not sure about their makeup products. But vegan make-up brushes are of a definite halal origin. You can find them in the superdrug stores or at asos.

Tried my best to research the best of makeup brands that have no animal bi-products (pig fat included). But I give no guarantee of the alcohol content. However most synthetic alcohols are not the intoxicating ones and are permissible when used in personal care products. For a better understanding of alcohol content in products please do read my post on alcohol in personal care products.

Disclaimer: These brands are not HALAL certified.
I have only included the brands whose websites state that they are against animal cruelty and are Vegan‚ÄĒ meaning whose products are free from animal by-products. The main concerns being carmine and pig fat or any other animal fat from animals whose slaughter process is a doubt for Muslims. Rest if the products contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol then they are not halal.




Halal skin care brands(U.K)

Asalamualaikum lovelies!!!. Finally back after a wonderful Eid-ul-fitr. Had loads of fun Allhamdullilah!!! Wore lovely dresses, makeup, had yummy food and enjoyed the weekend just lazying around as hubby was at home. I haven’t posted in the beauty category since long. Just remembered that long back I posted about halal skin care brands from India. Now finally did some intense research and listed out a few halal skin care brands found in the U.K. I have tried only a very few ¬†from the London brands, as I purchase my skin care products mostly in bulk from India and also thanks to amazon and eBay for the ease with which they make anything available online. So finally here’s the list.


2014-15 PHB Ethical Beauty Full Logo.jpg

PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY (Pure. Handmade. British):
An exemplary halal beauty brand, PHB Ethical Beauty has its origins in the city of Birmingham. It is a family owned business, and offers a range of skin care products, hair care products and cosmetics along with a men’s range. This brand boasts of manufacturing products that are‚ÄĒ¬†cruelty-free, halal-certified, organic, vegan, paraben-free and hand-made.¬†I haven’t seen them in any of the drug stores or high-street shops, but they have a very attractive online shop that delivers world-wide at reasonable prices.

skinyoga logo

SKIN YOGA: (Towards being a purer you)
Started by three lively and lovely sisters, the brand of Skin Yoga offers cruelty-free, preservative-free, paraben-free, halal and vegan skincare products. The company was kind enough to send me products for review, and I absolutely love them. Skin Yoga offers natural products with no chemical additions to them. The products might take time to work, but will leave the skin beautiful than ever if used persistently. I love the fact that these products are raw without much processing, and are therefore packed with the goodness of natural ingredients.  Do try them out. They sell in UK, through their online website.

SIMPLE‚ÄĒ Sensitive Skin Experts:
Simple is a really simple brand :-P. The website states quite frankly that a few of their might contain ethyl alcohol which is haram. Rest most of their products are alcohol free and animal byproduct free, except for two products, one’s a shampoo and the other a conditioner which use animal products as the website states. Rest of their products are vegan and alcohol-free. This brand is easily available in any drug store or online. The pricing is quite classy and the products are effective from my personal experience.

Yet another indigenous brand of Britian. The brand of My Pure was started in the year 2004. Their products range from body care, skin care, hair care, men’s care and also include baby care products. It’s an all-rounder in personal care products. The company website proudly claims to be¬†vegan, vegetarian, organic, cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulfate free. Mashallah! that’s once nice brand. But not sure of the presence of alcohol in their products. So please check the label to be sure. The pricing is also quite appropriate.¬† ¬†

The world famous lush is an English brand with its headquarters in Dorset, United Kingdom. I think this brand really needs no introduction, as it is a really famous one. Lush offers a variety of products that include body care, face care, hair care, makeup and perfumes. The brand is famous for being 100% vegetarian,  against animal testing, fair-trade, hand-made and for its naked packaging. But I do feel the pricing is a bit on the higher side. But the products are really worth the pounds.

SUPER DRUG ‘B’‚ÄĒ B is for Beautiful:
Humility thy name is Superdrug!!!. I just love love love their products. Superdrug B range includes skin care, makeup, anti-aging, men’s range and also includes make-up accessories. I have used their moisturizers and sunscreens which were really awesome. Not to forget their range of essential oils is also a hit. The makeup range is really wow! as you get really impressive products at a very humble cost. The Superdrug B brand is completely¬†vegan,¬†vegetarian¬†and¬†cruelty-free¬†as the products themselves state. This brand is a leaping-bunny certified one. As per the alcohol just checkout for ethyl alcohol or ethanol.

The Montagne Jeunesse’s is one famous British brand. I have seen many of their face-masks in the high-street drugstores, but never tried them. Their products include face-masks, hair range, eye&nose range, body range, foot range and men’s range. Have heard that their products are really effective for their ordinary pricing.This brand is¬†vegetarian¬†society certified, leaping bunny¬†verified¬†and¬†PETA certified.¬†Their products are made from organic ingredients and surely stand up to their claims. Alcohol as an ingredient varies in products just check out for that one.


Soaps and shampoos always are at a risk of containing sodium tallowate‚ÄĒ an ingredient derived from beef fat or pork fat. Yeww!!! So to be safe one can go for the Bentley Organic range of soaps and shampoos. This is an authentic English brand which offers body care, hair care, baby care and household cleaning products. Their products are¬†vegetarian, vegan(except for the ones containing honey), paraben-free,¬†organic¬†and¬†cruelty-free.¬†Bentley organic is a¬†U.K Soil Association approved brand.

In addition to these English brands, there are other brands as well that produce real good vegetarian and vegan beauty products and are available in the U.K. Ethyl alcohol OR ethanol is the only problematic ingredient to be searched for. Rest, all the above brands offer really effective products at decent prices. No mess of checking for animal fats :-P.

Insha Allah will update halal cosmetic brands soon. Till then see ya!!!. Jazakallah khayr.