SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub

There are lots of skincare stuff hidden on our kitchen shelves that we seldom use. One among those is my favorite ‘Coffee’. The revitalizing smell of coffee calms the senses. When used in excess caffeine maybe bad for health, but when applied to the skin coffee has a number of benefits. SkinYoga was kind enough to send me a sample of their “Coffee Body Scrub”. In this post I am going to review the “SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub”.

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Halal skin care brands (India).

Whoever has said beauty comes naturally was mistaken— okay! beauty does come naturally but then all natural things deplete at some point. Before the process of depletion begins it is better you preserve what little remains of that. Now with a host of skin care products out there in the market you need to carefully choose as to what measures up-to the standards of your definition of beauty. Instead of dabbing a potful of useless stuff onto my face I rather carefully select my beauty products— that being said, they should be halal as in the sense vegetarian with a big NO to animal fats in them (pork specifically) and for sure no to alcohol. Here I have made a list of  beauty products that I have used personally, and these are from the Indian market.

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“Vicco turmeric nahi cosmetic”… remember that jingle of the 90’s?. Well Vicco turmeric skin cream tops my all time favourite skin products chart. Vicco products are complete halal— meaning vegetarian rather should I say they are vegan too with no alcohol content. The company offers a range of products from skin creams to toothpastes and powders. Vicco turmeric skin cream is my HG product, introduced to me by my mother. Do not  be misled by their vintage look— the products are well priced and really do the job.

NO ALCOHOL used in skin creams as  the list of ingredients says so.

 This one’s a classic ayurvedic brand offering a range of vegetarian skin care products from the herbal ingredients found in the Himalayas. I always saw my aunt slathering the biotique coconut skin brightening  cream onto her face, I myself brought one and it’s performance was fairly good. The company also has a range of hair-care products all made from natural ingredients. Even their lip-balms are supreme in quality. The price may be a bit on the higher side for some, but they are a must have halal brand.

NO ALCOHOL used in their products as the company website states.

Yet another ayurvedic company Himalaya herbals has a vast assortment of skin care, hair-care and general well-being products. The products bear the against animal-testing tags on them. I mostly have used their face washes- the neem and apricot ones,  have also used the rejuvenating night cream, it does a pretty decent job and their bath range specifically the honey and almond soap is an amazing one, the apricot scrub is one to go gaga on . I have heard their health-care range is also quite beneficial. Their pricing is done keeping in mind the Indian aam aadmi.

Check out for ALCOHOL in particular  products.

 This brand is a top-notch herbal brand producing some very pure and potent skin care products. This is a PETA certified brand against animal cruelty hence no pig fat or any animal derivatives. Used the Shaglow moisturizing cream and was really impressed by the way it repaired my extreme-dry skin. I personally am a fan of Shanaaz products. Shahnaaz herbals products are high-priced alas! for the way they help your skin you can surely give them a try.

NO ALCOHOL used in any of their products as the company website says— halal formulations!!!

A quintessential halal firm though it does not state it outwardly. Have gone through their website which states that their products are free of harmful chemicals, synthetic colors, animal derivatives, animal testing and alcohol content. I have personally used the aroma magic almond moisturizer it was good for the humid south Indian weather but discontinued it after coming to England . Their pricing is great too.

NO ALCOHOL used hence an ideally halal brand.

 A very decent herbal brand, with no animal derivatives in their products. Lotus herbals is a pioneer in the field of skincare products. I personally tried their sheamoist moisturizer and a few face washes. This brand was among my quotidian skincare products back in India and I’m in love with their kohl currently.  Though all of the products are herbal, a few odd ones contain alcohol just  be alert enough to check the ingredients. The pricing is quite impressive though.

Most of the products are NON-ALCOHOLIC, spare the odd few which have alcohol in them.

These are just a few among the vast majority of skin care products found in India. I have mostly sorted them on basis of vegetarian and non-alcoholic terms, also these brands are what I have personally used or am using at present. Rest Allah knows best.